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Our Story

Our spiritual journey commenced in September 2015 with a divine calling to establish a church, driven by the dedication of around 18 faithful souls. We began with monthly gatherings, which soon evolved into weekly meetings hosted in the warmth of our individual homes. Enthusiastic prayers filled the air, and our hearts overflowed with hope for the day we would have a sanctuary of our own.

       Then, on August 25, 2017, divine providence graced our path as the church received official certification from the State of Florida, and St. Michael Debre Sahil Ethiopian Orthodox Church was officially formed. This marked a pivotal step on our sacred journey. With our congregation steadily growing, we secured a temporary space within another church at 12601 Balcombe Rd, Orlando, FL 32837, where our prayers continued to ascend, and we diligently gathered the funds needed to manifest our vision.

       On September 22, 2022, an auspicious moment marked our story as the church received formal recognition from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. With this divine acknowledgment, we welcomed our first priest and began offering comprehensive spiritual services to our community.

Now, as we fast forward to September 14, exactly 8 years since our humble beginnings, we stand at 6301 Nassau Avenue, Orlando, FL 32822, the future home of Orlando Michael, on the threshold of a new chapter in our spiritual odyssey, having secured the future abode of our church. With faith as our guide and unity as our strength, we continue this blessed journey.

The First T-Shirt Designs, created 2017
to commomorate the Church's formation

The above Picture, drafted on the day of the first meeting in September 2015 by Yohanes Tafete, initially as a joke directed at Misrach Tadesse, the draft drew inspiration from the Ethiopian ethos, citing 'humble origins in a modest hut.'

Misrach, not amused by the awkward joke, actually demanded Yohanes's support. Yohanes, in turn, seriously engaged in supporting the birth of Orlando Michael's church. Unexpectedly, this draft is one of the first recorded documents and has become an integral part of our story.

Our Story Gallery

The Inaugural Donation request form

September 22,2023 Formally recognition By
Ethiopian Orthodox Church for full service

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